Celebration and seminar restaurant


Our newly designed celebration and seminar venue can accommodate 60 people. Whether birthday party, company anniversary, christening, family celebration of any kind – you and your guests will enjoy it!


Something for the connoisseur

After the big renovation, we invite you to the restaurant for a completely new taste experience. Because not only visually much has changed! Our kitchen is fully characterized by freshness, regionality, honesty, naturalness and the highest quality.

Why you can celebrate in our party also extremely comfortable is easily explained: The restaurant is located in the same building as our guest rooms. So if you just want to go to bed after your party, they can do it without even putting your foot out the door.

We look forward to your reservation, which we gladly answer by calling 04712 208.

So that we can fulfill all your wishes and ideas, we cordially invite you to a personal conversation.

We look forward to you, your family and friends and wish you many enjoyable, entertaining and cozy hours!

Tip: Barrier-free entrance, large parking lot directly under the house, own playground next to the restaurant.


Fam. Hassler with team

Carinthian specialty


Potato filled pasta dough with brown butter and a green side salad

The classic

Hearty grill plate

Beef, pork and turkey, grill sausage with seasonal vegetables, french fries and herb butter

Charinthian Brettljause

Homemade acon, Carinthian house sausage, cheese, smoked meat spread, pickle,…

Hassler Hausbecher

Pastries or a sundae from the in-house pastry shop.

Our menu

Let yourself be pampered

You should offer the body something good,
so that the soul feels like living in it
Winston Churchill
British statesman

From regional fresh ingredients, our kitchen team conjures up a lot of delicacies for you every day.

Choose your favorite dish from our menu.

In the high season we offer in addition to the menu daily different menus.

In the period from May to August we have our well-tried barbecue “All you can eat. Schedule information Tel. 04712/208

Reserve a table

We are happy to accept your reservation online.

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  • Starter
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Main dishes
  • Pasta
  • For our little guests
  • Pizza
  • For in between

Caprese (Tomaten – Mozzarella)
marinated with dark balsamic vinegar and olive oil

3 pieces of grilled shrimp, salad garnish, sour cream, chili

Beef broth with pancake noodles

Beef broth with hamschöberl (salated, baked biscuit dough)

Beef broth with cheese stuffed dumplings

Creamy garlic soup with bread croutons

Green salad

Mixed salad plate small

Mixed salad plate large

Salad with vegetable cutlet with cocktail sauce

Kexas house salad:
Large mixed salad plate with grilled beef stripes, mozzarella, olives, carpers, onion rings and cocktail sauce

Tuna salad:
Large mixed salad plate with tuna, onion rings and olives

Salad with turkey stripes:
Large mixed salad plate with grilled turkey stripes and cocktail sauce

Styrian fried chicken salad:
Large mixed salad plate with fried chicken, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and cocktail sauce

Salad with pike perch in beer batter:
Large mixed salad plate with beer battered pike perch stripes and tartar sauce

Salad with shrimps:
Mixed salad leaves with six pieces of grilled shrimp and freshly grated Parmesan from Binterhof and garlic sauce

Hearty grill plate:
Beef, pork and turkey, grill sausage with seasonal vegetables, french fries and herb butter

Wiener Schnitzel:
Wiener Schnitzel (turkey) with french fries, cranberries and cocktail sauce

Roasted turkey schnitzel:
Nature roasted turkey schnitzel with creamy champignon sauce, potatoes and fresh vegetables

homemade pasta filled with meat (5 pieces) with beef broth, sauerkraut and grilled bacon

Swabian in pasta sauce cabonara and grilled bacon

Pike perch:
Grilled pike perch filet with parsley potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Carinthian Käsespätzle:
Creamy cheese swabian pasta with fried onions

Erdäpfelkrapfen (carinthian speciality)
Potato filled pasta dough (6pieces) with brown butter and a green side salad

Spaghetti alla Bolognese:
Spaghetti with meat sauce

Spaghetti Napoletana:
Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara:
Spaghetti with ham cream sauce

Spaghetti all´ Arrabiata:
Spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce

Spaghetti with shrimp
Spaghetti with cream sauce and fried shrimps

Wiener Schnitzel
Little Wiener Schnitzel with french fries

Spaghetti with tomato sauce or meat sauce

Wiener sausage
one pair of wiener sausage with french fries

little plate french fries (250g)
large plate french fries (500g)

Pizza Margeritha:Peeled tomatoes, cheese, mozzarella

Pizza Grandiosa:
Peeled tomatoes, cheese, ham

Pizza Mephisto:
Peeled tomatoes, cheese, sausage, capsicum, ham, hot pepperoni

Peeled tomatoes, cheese, corn, sausage, bacon, capsicum, onion

Pizza Salami:
Peeled tomatoes, cheese, salami

Berta´s Sandwich
grilled turkey meat with tomatoes, onions, pepper, salad leaves, fried leaves, fried strips of bacon and cocktail sauce

Schinken – Käse – Toast
Toast with ham and cheese

Special toast:
Ham cheese toast with onions and capsicum

House toast
Ham cheese toast with side salad and fried egg

Gulash soup
with bread

salad from sausage

Carinthian Bretteljause:
Homemade acon, Carinthian house sausage, cheese, smoked meat spread, pickle,…